The Author’s Message

Welcome to my new blog!

If you have been following my Foreign Service Messages website then you are familiar with my writing. This blog will tune you in to some of my other writing interests. For the rest of this year blog posts will be related to my latest novel that I have just completed.



Portuguese Bend is a mystery story that takes place in Southern California in 1959. In the coming weeks I will be explaining the story and its origins through blog posts.

Feel free to browse the pages for a look at my published novels. I have included thumbnail sketches of these stories. They are mostly available on Amazon Kindle Books as e-books. I have included the first few chapters of each book for your perusal.

I always appreciate your comments. If you find any issues with this blog please inform me and I will get it fixed. Since I do the ‘whole ball of wax’ (write stories, website design, publish stories, etc.) I am open for occasional mistakes.

I hope you continue to enjoy my journey in the Foreign Service during the 1970’s as well as my books and short stories (soon to be added).

Best Regards.



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